Marketing Consulting, Planning and all the several tools employed in Advertising & Promotion, specially "taylormade" for your business.
        Visual Corporate Identity and conception of pieces focusing all kind of media - print, electronic and webmarketing (websites, ad & promo campaigns by e-mail, e-banners, e-links, electronic partners at web, widewiew by MBI), and much more. Check it out.
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Services Portfolio: The Multiple Faces of MBI Marketing

 The divisions above specified still offer the following services:


  • Public Relations and contacts with the Press Media. Electronc Media and its varieties


  • Programs of Corporative Image


  • Programs of Direct Marketing (beside solutions of web marketing as support media)


  • Desktop Publishing (Bureau of Services in Desktop Publishing), as well as all of the pieces of corporative communications identity – logos, folders, visual identity, and several different final arts for eletronic and printed materials


  • Marketing research and Research of Opinion: partnership


  • Relationary Marketing ("Database Marketing")


  • Marketing Consulting in Trading/Foreign commerce: partnership


  • Technical ranslations, through professionals of MBI and/or by partnerships


  • Enterprise Legal services: partnerships with lawyers specialized in copyright and contractual


  • Services in the Act of contract of Foreign Man power (Temporary and Permanent)


  • Services in Franchising: Viabilização, Implantation, Communication and Accompaniment


  • Services in HR – Human Resources - Conscription, Election and Training in Sales and Enterprise Communications, as well as special studies which take place in the enterprise specter, focusing the human factor: partnership


  • Services in Programs of Management Contemporary (Re-engineering, Intra/Entrapreneuring, Total Quality/ Series ISO 9000 and 14000, Integrated management, Groups of Continuous Improvement, Engineering of Value, Ambient management, among others): proper know- how


  • Events, Retail Fairs and Business Fairs, Congresses


  • Artistic and Cultural productions


  • Agency of Models and special hostess - human resources for fairs and special promotions - (with registers in a special Database Marketing)


  • Corporative Endomarketing


  • Marketing for Professionals as “one”: Personal Marketing


The MBI MARKETING & BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL acts inside of the concept of "Global Assistance Marketing". If the necessities of its company identify complementary services that not cited them, we will have the immense pleasure in arguing its specific case.


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