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Corporate Identity and Purposes MBI

 The MBI MARKETING & BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL comes treading its history guided for the objective of the performance in partnership with companies of national and international matrix, in the addition of efforts in search of the excellency of products and services. In this partnership, the MBI has as basic rule the otimização of all the available resources for the customer, indicating, rationalizing and implementing processes so that the objectives are reached all. Simply because the objectives and goals of the customer start to be our objectives.

  Mission MBI

"To generate solutions of maximum yield, development and enterprise growth for its customers, inside of the aspects of management and marketing, using specific strategies and ferramentais that can or not launch hand of the too much organizacionais areas, aiming at the otimização of the business of the customer in its market of performance."

 Vision of Future MBI

 "To be leader of market in the ones in the segment of marketing enterprise consulting in the question expansion and loyalty of customer chains, making the brand MBI the preferred one of the corporative market of consulting services as also in services of development of corporative image."

 Values MBI

 In the search of its Mission and Vision of Future, the MBI will have to act in accordance with and to be guided some basic principles that will be shared by the members of Company eor its partners:

- Coherence

- Alignment (of the practical ones of Management)

- Compromising

- Ethical (in the relationships)

- Pleasure in Serving

- Allegiance to the brand MBI

- Generation of Social and Ambient Responsibility amongst its customers

 The MBI MARKETING & BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL is organized in divisions better to take care of to the interests of its company. To follow you it will know as the MBI could be the ideal partner of its company, e what the MBI will be able to make for it.


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