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The MBI MARKETING & BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL presents as major leader and Master Consultant, since the start of MBI works in 1995:


Consultant of several companies as a Marketing and Advertising executive, formed by ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, São Paulo, with specialization in retail Marketing and International Marketing, also formed for University Cambridge / England and with MBA in Global Business Relations - Strategy Solutions in Marketing & Advertising by Wharton School - University of Pennsylvannia/ U.S.A., among others diverse courses directed to the enterprise strategy and acting as Executive of Marketing and Communications in companies as: Madia and Associados International Consultoria of Marketing, Seagram of Brazil, Bullet Comunicações and Premier Foodrink, as well as Professor of extension course (stricto-sensu) in Marketing at ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, São Paulo. Recently developed the cumulative functions of Executive Director of Marketing for a company named Ortho Dent Programa Odontológico Conveniado and publisher of the Periodical “Odontofocus Brazil ”. Currently it develops specialization in Web Marketing Solutions (Web Strategies/ Web Design/ Web Advertising/ Web-Commerce: e-commerce & e-business), what for its persistence it propitiated the magnifying of the specter of services given for the MBI, that already represents the new and aggressive division of the company. Is also currently the creative CEO and developer of, as an exclusive business of the MBI company while package of tools of consulting focusing loyalty of customers.


MBI MARKETING: low profile management seeking wide results

1995/2007: 12 years of consulting, ideas and results

Certified by  Prize TOP OF MIND BRAZIL 2005/2006


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